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I love baby knitting. Love, love, love. Unlike any other project, when I land on a baby pattern I enjoy, I’ll knit it multiple times. Case in point: Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down.

The free version of this pattern has some sizing issues. My solution was to knit it in a chunkier yarn and use bigger needles. Voila, it is larger! And the great thing about knitting for babies is that if the sweater is too big, it just waits. Inevitably, children get larger.

The first one I made, I used Classic Elite Sprout. Sprout is one of the few cottons I enjoy knitting with. It’s lofty, soft, and squishy. The loft makes up for the inherent lack of give in cotton and I love the hand of the finished fabric.


I also used pinup girl buttons from the “Gay Paree” collection by Blue Moon Buttons. Blue Moon makes these fantastic photo-under-resin buttons that I just want to put on everything. I have Albert Einstein buttons and Sean Connery/James Bond buttons. I’ve used their Brooklyn Bridge and Las Vegas buttons.

Jack loves his sweater!

The second Baby Sophisticate I knit was a sample for StevenBe. I added a stripe pattern and played with the colors on the collar and cuffs. This one got nursery rhyme buttons by Blue Moon.

Buttons not on yet (but enjoy my grandmother's couch!).

I’m already working on another one using red Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted and black Muench Touch Me as a wee little smoking jacket variation with Sean Connery buttons.

I also love this little cabled pullover from Time for Baby (a LeisureArts booklet).

This one is knit using Berroco Vintage in Christmas Green and the “babies have big heads” buttoned neckline features more Blue Moon buttons–shamrocks this time.

Callum seriously likes his sweater.

I loved the shape of this one and the easy to follow pattern…so, in true DrawFour fashion, I threw the whole central panel and sleeve design out the door and made a completely different version for my niece, Avery. The puffed sleeves turned out so cute.

Avery’s features Nicky Epstein’s Tree of Life framed with braided cables. I also added bobbles to the tree on the front to bring it to life. My skeins of Malabrigo Rios didn’t all match, of course, even though they were from the same dyelot. It’s the Malabrigo curse.

I also love the Rhino Romper, another free pattern. It’s a really fun knit, easy to modify with stripes, long sleeves, short sleeves, pants, or shorts.

My first one was for Tyler, my cousin’s baby boy. I used Classic Elite Seedling, Sprout’s little brother.
The second one was for my baby niece Isla, our little chunker. She got a wooly version, striping Dream in Color Classy and Three Irish Girls Springvale Super Merino. I can hear my sister-in-law’s sigh of relief when I say this: these are both superwash wools. It’s not a hard and fast rule for me but I do my best to make only machine washable things for babies.
In conclusion, knitting for babies: quick, fun, and you get the cutest pictures in return!

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