Baby showers

My mom’s family is intensely crafty. They quilt, sew, knit, crochet, embroider, scrapbook, design clothing, create art, and are just overall colorful and joyful people. When there’s cause for celebration, they come together and make something beautiful to mark the occasion. When more and more of my cousins started stepping up to the sewing machine to create, bridal showers and baby showers turned into all day craft-a-thons. A table is set up with machines, ironing boards are out (and bottled water at the ready), yarn and needles are provided. Amid the chatter and discussion (and munching–they’re all great cooks, too), handmade blankets, burp cloths, toys, quilts, monogrammed towels, and all manner of beautiful things are created for new or growing families. It’s like a celebration of creation and family and the combination of the two.

My cousin Ellie is due at the end of this month and ready to pop. Her baby shower was today and I wish I could have gone so I could celebrate with her. She’s going to be a wonderful mother. I did have the pleasure of sending her some handmade goodies, though:

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Can’t wait to meet Baby W!

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