Back from NY!

I had a blast last weekend at Vogue Knitting Live in New York. I got to see some friends, I got to run around the marketplace floor and go wild (sorry, husband), and I got to meet some really great knitters. I ran into Anna Hrachovec in the elevator on Thursday and chatted with her for a split second–those elevators are really fast. She was super nice and seemed impressed with my crazy determination to have a cephalopod-themed living room complete with Squidpocalypse couch pillows (“More than one?!”) That’s right. Imagine it.

Stop! Photo op!
Stop! Photo op!

We had most of our product shipped to a FedEx location across Times Square from the hotel so, of course, we walked 14 suitcases of yarn three blocks. That’s what we like to call StevenBe-style.

Booth set-up was crazy early in the morning on Friday but we had plenty of coffee-fueled good times. I looked over the booth when we finished and I realized that the only people who had more samples there were StevenBe and Stephen West. Okay, DrawFour Designs, you’re in good company.

Steven also called in my dear friend Keith from Knits All Done, a really excellent finishing/repair company. Every time I see what Keith does, it reminds me how much I hate finishing things and that I really should just be sending things to him. Hey Keith, don’t let me finish things anymore, please.

Okay, Keith. We've captured all of your good sides. Can we finish setting up?
Okay, Keith. We’ve captured all of your good sides. Can we finish setting up?

Jade Sapphire lent my samples to us (they’re at StevenBe for a limited time now!) and I had some great encounters with knitters who had wonderful things to say about my designs, especially the Lake Calhoun Wrap. I hope some of them have found their way to this blog, too. I’m really looking forward to working more with Jade Sapphire and their fabulous yarns; it’s really been an inspiring partnership for me. Few things make me happier than gorgeous texture and amazing colors.

I also got to take part in an impromptu photo shoot for one of Steven’s newest patterns, the Simplielegant. The original was knit with HiKoo Simplinatural but the one I got to wear was in HiKoo Rylie, an alpaca/linen/silk blend held with Schulana Kid-Seta. I’ve really had a thing for linen blends lately (hello, Sylph) and Rylie seems to be no exception. I love this pattern of Steven’s because you can wear it down over your shoulders like a capelet, draped around your neck like a cowl, or pulled up over your head like a hood. I felt like a snow princess with the mohair floating around my face.

This is my favorite shot. It's very me.
This is my favorite shot. It’s very me.

Thanks, New York, for being so welcoming, encouraging, and enthusiastic! Keep an eye out for some new patterns coming very soon. One of them is up for presale on Ravelry right now!

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    January 29, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    LOVE the recap! Soo glad we got all my good sides!!

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