Bad Blogger!

No posts in a month? For shame, Bridget. FOR. SHAME. Lisa lectured me briefly at CONsole Room, the Doctor Who convention here in Minneapolis, so here I am.

Steven helped me set up our CONsole Room booth.
Steven helped me set up our CONsole Room booth.

What have we missed? Fiber Fest 2014 was crazy and exhausting. I got to spend time with some rock star knitters…and internationally-known teachers. I also ran down to Texas for a day to visit my in-laws and see husband’s brother get married to a really awesome lady (who is apparently just as lazy about blogging as I am). I played a little soccer with my niece, stayed up late watching movies with my brother-in-law’s wife, and just generally had a great time. It was too short and I look forward to going back, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Browncoat signed by my favorite Browncoat.
Browncoat signed by my favorite Browncoat.

I dropped by Wizard World Con on a whim and wandered around a little, scoping out the merch and “researching” for CONsole Room. It just so happens I was there on the same day as Nathan Fillion and I just happened to have a skein of Browncoat in my bag. I almost didn’t get in his autograph line but it was the end of the day and the line was shockingly short…so I just had to. He signed a picture for me and then I ninja snuck the Browncoat onto the signing table. Nathan was really impressed with the color and asked to take a picture of it (squee moment: a little piece of me exists on Nathan Fillion’s phone). In exchange, I got him to autograph it for me.


After Fiber Fest and My Day In Texas, I had a little time to get reacquainted with my sewing machine. It was a successful encounter and left me with some goods to sell at the StevenBe booth at CONsole Room! I have a few left and they’ll be up on my site for sale very soon.

Tote bags! I love the quote: “Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. You know that in nine hundred years of time and space, I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before.”
10256796_779633282055312_4906799877366467796_n Drawstring project bag! One side has the double Gallifreyan heart and the words “Rose Tyler, I…” and the other side has all of the feels.
Sonic screwdriver zippered pouches! They look small but they hold a lot of stuff. I’m not saying they’re bigger on the inside…but they might be.
Canvas basket with a Karen Hallion Alice in Wonderland/Doctor Who mashup print on the front. I love that these baskets stay upright.
Another drawstring project bag with a different Karen Hallion print: Mary Poppins is totally a Time Lord.


























CONsole Room was a blast. We were between Nerdy Needles Knitting and Geekiana in the center of the Dealer’s Room: perfect placement and fantastic neighbors. The new yarns were loved up (there are a bunch of new ones from Wild Hare and Three Irish Girls and they’ll be up on the StevenBe website soon) and I think we recruited a lot of new knitters. They have no idea what they’re in for. I was in a panel with Calvin from Nerdy Needles Knitting and Pam, the mother of the organizer and we got to talk about knitting, yarn, needles, fiber, and fandom. I love all of these things and it was so exciting to get to talk to people who were interested.

Our CONsole Room booth!
Our CONsole Room booth with two new Three Irish Girls colors front and center.
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    Lisa DW
    May 23, 2014 at 12:32 am

    Yay, I got Bridget to blog! You’re welcome internet. I love my Doctor Who tote bag, I took it with me to work and it made me happy whenever I looked at it.

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