Boxes and boxes

The DH and I are picking up stakes and moving halfway across the country (again) in less than two weeks. As you can imagine, that means there’s been a lot of sorting and cleaning but not a lot of knitting or sewing. We’re getting to the point where everything needs to start getting boxed up and I’m having a crafter’s dilemma: what projects am I going to work on between now and when we unpack at our new apartment? Am I going to have a sudden fit of inspiration and need something that I’ve packed up? Will the world end if I can’t access my sewing machine?!

Deep breaths and careful planning are the only things that will save me now. I boxed up many of my works in progress but kept out a few that I knew I’d need: two surprises for a baby shower shortly after the move, a scarf for a customer, a top for the shop here, my Knit Collage/Dream in Color sweater, and birthday gifts for my sister-in-law (whose birthday isn’t until September but I’m over-eager to get started). I’m on a knitting streak so I’m going to take a risk and pack up my fabric and sewing supplies and my scrapbooking stuff.

I’m really looking forward to landing closer to family in a bigger apartment (with some studio space!). I’m also interested to see what I can get done on a three day drive across some wildly boring states.

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