Christmas Comes Early

I committed to making Beer Mitts and matching non-dominant mittens for anyone on my mom’s side of the family that would want them for the Turkey Run on Thanksgiving. I won’t say it was a huge mistake. Maybe it was just a, um, temporal miscalculation? With my tendency toward knitter’s ADD (Ooh, this is shiny, must cast it on! Ooh, this is shiny too! MUST CAST IT ON!), promising 8 pairs of mittens on a now 3.5 week timeline would have killed me and/or disappointed several people if not for the wise intervention of my cousin Quinn. Quinnie is a great knitter (and writer) and I’m really looking forward to doing this project as a kind of knitalong with her. And to finishing my Weeping Angel socks. And to finishing my Madelinetosh ASAP double layer hat. And to finishing Mel’s Bayside Pullover. God help me.

Determined to make this a stash-busting project and lucky enough to have family that makes color requests like “blues…or whatever you have,” I dove into my cubbies to pull out possibilities. Turns out, I’ve got a lot of Tosh DK odds and ends in my superwash cube. Turns out, I’m a little proprietary toward them. I managed to cobble together some pairings that will require a lot of double stranding but ultimately really cool mittens. None of them involved my Tosh…except for the practice mitt that I made for myself. I am a selfish knitter and don’t let me ever tell you otherwise.

Tosh DK Beer Mitt in Cousteau, because I can't help myself.
Tosh DK Beer Mitt in Cousteau, because I can’t help myself. Next beverage going in this is a Surly.

I will say, I love this pattern. The provisional cast on makes for a seamless knit and it’s surprisingly comfortable to wear. It also makes a hilarious hand puppet. And boy was it ever quick. I’m no longer worried about the speed of my knitting (though the attention span is still a concern) and I think that changing up the yarns so frequently will help with the “knitting something more than once” thing that I usually despise. Plus, every other one is going to be a regular mitten. Get ready for a truly entertaining Turkey Run, Sipes. Your hands and coffee will stay warm and I think we’ll get a lot of attention, not just for being loud.

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