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I do cross stitch now. Cross stitch is cool.

I know, I know: shame on me. I’ve been knitting and sewing and stitch markering up a storm but I’ve been seriously neglecting the writing part of this. New blog schedule, for reals: Maker’s Mondays (this will have something to do with other people’s awesome creations, me trying something new, or bourbon, or all three), WIP Wednesdays (what I’m working on, complete with links to patterns, yarn suggestions, and all that fun stuff), and FO Fridays (things I have recently finished). So, hey, it’s Maker’s Monday!

I’m out of bourbon so we’re going to have to talk cross stitch. That’s right, I do all of your grandmother’s crafts now. I’ve been giggling over Buzzfeed lists of crazy cross stitch for long enough that I finally caved and bought Subversive Cross Stitch because why not? I sat down with an embroidery needle, a hand towel, and my new book, I did a little math, and I made this. I cannot tell you how gleeful washing my hands is now.

From Hardcore Stitch Corps. See what I mean?

From Hardcore Stitch Corps. See what I mean?

Figuring out placement wasn’t difficult, though my dislike for math is pretty intense. I also realized that I couldn’t watch episodes of shows or movies I hadn’t seen yet because I actually had to watch my hands. It’s a little bit like knitting lace, in that I have to pay attention and count. But with the plethora of opportunities to marry my love for nerd pop culture and my love for the textile arts (omg, Hardcore Stitch Corps, omg), I think I can just hang out and listen to Captain America: Winter Soldier for the 80th time.

I have plans for so, so many more and I expect Hardcore Stitch Corps will be getting quite a bit of my money very soon. In the meantime, I have more sewing to finish. Tons of new stuff up in the shop and more to come! See you on Wednesday, I promise.

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