DrawFour Club September 2014: Deep Breath

It’s finally here! The very first DrawFour Club–a celebration of projects (because buying yarn

Deep Breath Mitts--a DrawFour Club exclusive!
Deep Breath Mitts–a DrawFour Club exclusive!

with an idea isn’t stashing). I’ve been hard at work hammering out the bag design, creating fun stitch markers (and testing them–that’s important, right?), and doing that thing that my mom taught me: adding one more thing to the mix at the very last minute because it’s such a good idea that how could I not. Also, the first club is being sponsored by StevenBe–where else is Nerd Alert done so right?

The inaugural D4 Club offering celebrates the brand new Doctor that Whovians just welcomed to their screens. I’ve enjoyed both episodes thus far and can’t wait to see where the Doctor takes us next. The yarn is delicious Springvale Worsted from Three Irish Girls in The Clock Strikes Twelve, a new addition to the StevenBe Nerd Alert collection but exclusive to us on this squishy merino base. The project bags are perfect for small, portable projects like mitts (!!!) or socks. They feature a spacey exterior with TARDIS console lining and a locking drawstring closure. My foray into stitch markers was really fun, too–I sat down to watch “Deep Breath” and make markers only to nearly drop my supplies when I noticed how perfectly the charms I chose matched the opening scene. The last minute

Sonic screwdriver pouch
Sonic screwdriver pouch

addition to the lineup is the sonic screwdriver zippered notions pouch. I carry so much in my little bag, I knew I had to make more for you guys. And the pattern, the Deep Breath Mitts, was super fun to create. I spent so much time glaring at the dark still that was released before the series premiered, trying to figure out how I wanted to translate the cut off mittens into reality.

So if you want to jump on the September club, just click on the “Shop” link at the top of the page and preorder the package that strikes your fancy. Shipping will take up to three weeks but likely much faster than that.

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