FO Friday: Aim to Misbehave Mitts

Dan in Japan will be getting a fun package soon! (Or however long it takes for things to get from Minnesota to Japan!) Dan requested three pairs of Aim to Misbehave Mitts: one blue, one green, one black. For once, my stash bore fruit–I had exactly what he wanted. See, husband? Yarn hoarding can come in handy!

Aim to Misbehave in three colors!
Aim to Misbehave in three colors!

He also wanted them to be a bit bigger than the original ones, which were basically handwarmers. I said no. (No I didn’t. I said, “Multiple sizes?! I can do that!”) So, with a few little edits, I cranked these babies out.

The blue ones are Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Labyrinth, a dark variegate that reads as blue but has some dark reds and greens in it as well. I love the subtlety of the color shifts and the hard-wearing but still soft 80/20 merino/nylon blend. The green ones are Vice Carnal in The O.Z. (!!! Geek out moment! Syfy’s Tin Man, anyone?) These ones have really great stitch definition and you can see the tonality of the hand-dyed color, especially in the stockinette palms. Also, they’re butter soft–merino/cashmere/silk blends usually are. The black pair is Vice Paradigm in Grackle. It’s a warm black and another good wearing 80/20 superwash merino/nylon blend. I’m planning on using the ample leftovers with some 3IG Adorn in Everlasting Gobstopper. Talk about color pops, folks.

Two at a time! On the bus! On Christmas Eve!
Two at a time! On the bus! On Christmas Eve!

I did experiment with making them two at a time on a pair of circulars. I found that, in spite of my assumptions, I would have been happier if I had paired my 24″ with something longer than a 16″. I like to use two different lengths to make it easy to remember needle 1 vs. needle 2 but shorter wasn’t better in this situation. The different lengths of the points on something as small as mitts was really getting awkward. For a hat? Fine. For tiny things, weird.

They finally made it to the post office today where I scratched my head at customs forms and discovered that shipping to Japan was not going to be as horrifically expensive as I had expected. Dan in Japan, I expect pictures! Everyone else, pattern coming soon!

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