FO Friday: Rory Cowl

It’s been a really busy week and I didn’t plan out my blogs–see how well that works? So first off, congratulations to Lisa, winner of last week’s Tuesday Reviewsday Geeky Giveaway! Her bundle includes a copy of Knits for Nerds, my Can’t Stop the Signal pattern, a skein of StevenBe Nerd Alert SMASH by Three Irish Girls, a Geronimo project bag, and a sheet of Soak temporary tattoos!geekgiveawaycompressFor today’s FO Friday, I want to introduce you to the Rory Cowl. As you probably know by now, I get frequent and generous yarn support from the good people at Jade Sapphire Exotic Fibres. When they came out with new colors of one of my favorites, Sylph, they sent me a picture and I just started drooling. When they were in my hands, the gears in my head went at top speed. I love layering (I may have gotten really excited when flannel shirts showed up at Target and Old Navy again). I especially enjoy layering potentially unexpected things. So when Loam, Puddle, and Delft lined themselves up on my lap, I decided that Loam and Puddle needed to be some kind of textured stripe and that Delft was positively begging to be lace and that it all needed to be in the same project.

rorycropI imagined a cowl that looked like layering two cowls but without having to keep track of two different accessories. (Keeping track of things is clearly a concern of mine. I have not been able to find my hairbrush for weeks but I know it’s here. Somewhere.) The textured stripe would lay flat and be double-sided so that there didn’t have to be any edge stitches to keep it from curling. I decided to work the lace flat to give it more volume; I wanted it to froth over the stripes like whipped cream.

My imagination is feeling pretty successful right about now.

It’s really a fun knit that you don’t have to think too hard about and the final project is a bit of a stunner. I can see it in bright contrasting colors, too. I wonder what it would look like in some of the Sylph Hand-Dyed colors. My sample went to TNNA with Jade Sapphire last weekend and the pattern finally hit Ravelry this morning. I think I’m going to have to make another one for myself!

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