FO Friday: Twins Sweater

One of my favorite memories from my teen years involves going to a Twins game with one of my oldest friends and her family, sitting in the very back of her family’s station wagon, the two of us waving at cars as we moved through traffic toward the Metrodome. I don’t remember the score of the game or who won but I do remember that everyone waved back at us. Her younger brother and his friend took their turn in the back on the way home and they tried the same thing. I’m pretty sure someone gave them the finger. Sorry, boys.

This summer, that same friend had her first child. We don’t talk a lot but when we do, things are the same as they have always been. We are easy together and relaxed. I was there the day she got married to a former ball player who works for the Twins organization now. Baseball has been the recurring theme in our narrative and being at a game, as I was last night, always makes me think of her. So when I found out she was expecting, it was my extreme pleasure to try and do something special for her.

20150606_121129I used the Gramps pattern by Tin Can Knits. My only modifications were in color. I used Spud & Chloe Sweater in navy and red for the shawl collar and all the ribbing and I used cream for the body and sleeves. I wanted to go for a vintage Twins look adapted to a varsity jacket for this sweater. I couldn’t just do colors, though–I’m far too obsessive for that. I charted out the Twins “TC” logo and duplicate stitched it to the chest. (I’m happy to provide a chart for that if anyone is interested.) Then I charted out baby’s last name and 15, the birth year, and duplicate stitched that on the back. I love Sweater, the hand to the finished knit and the color saturation, and it was perfect for this cardigan. Plus, it’s machine washable and very baby-friendly. I finished it off with little baseball buttons from Blue Moon Buttons (the same company that did the James Bond buttons on my Baby Smoking Jacket).20150606_121203

Saying that she loved it would be an understatement. As it turns out, her husband’s baseball number was 15–I had no idea. The little Twins sweater was one of my favorite baby gifts to make and I cannot wait to see pictures of the little boy at a game in his cardigan. I know his mom can’t wait for that either.

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  3 comments for “FO Friday: Twins Sweater

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    September 25, 2015 at 10:46 pm

    Amazing, as always, sis!

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    January 24, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    I would LOVE to make this sweater! It’s exactly what I’m looking for! I would appreciate and info on patterning the TC and Will attempt to add ILES 16 to the back.

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    December 7, 2016 at 9:35 am

    Oh, boy, somehow I missed this when it was originally published. Tears at my desk first thing in the workday! I cannot tell you how much we love this sweater, Bridget. My awe at all of the details is the same as the day you gave it to me. It’s so wonderful and even more special to me because of our own Twins memories together. Thank you again, over and over.

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