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I went on a field trip to Crafty Planet with my mom and a friend and we really hit the jackpot. First of all, you should know that I always wanted to be Nancy Drew, girl detective, when I grew up. I cruised through all the Nancy Drew books my elementary school had to offer as soon as I was allowed into the chapter books section and as soon as I was done, I’d start back at #1. At 7 years old, I was tracking down missing library books for classmates so they didn’t get in trouble. My love for Nancy’s stories is one thing I just never grew out of. I collect the books now, old and older copies as well as the new reprints. So imagine my overwhelming joy when I discovered that Crafty Planet had Nancy Drew fabric.

Panels with my corresponding books

It was fate, it was destiny. I got a yard of the book cover panels and a yard of the faces with quotes, unsure of what my glorious find would be. It had to be a skirt, though. A skirt that twirled and made the 7 year old in me want to solve mysteries, own a Mustang, and fall in love with dreamy college man Ned Nickerson. I trimmed and strategically cut. I grabbed scraps from my stash and worked them in.


I sewed it together like a quilt, first in strips and then put the strips together. I added the waistband and a little bit of topstitching, and finally the zipper. It was finished–and it twirled.



I wore it to work today and made people nostalgic, as Nancy tends to do. The fit is good and it’s incredibly comfortable. I’ve got a few yards of cotton on my shelves that are definitely going to become more of these.


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    January 24, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    This skirt is so absolutely fabulous!!

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