Geek Out and Freak Out!

My six season Doctor Who binge left me jonesing for more, so now I’m working my way through Torchwood. Captain Jack Harkness’ pretty face is a welcome and familiar sight. I’m only partway through season one but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. (Just spotted: Vote Saxon flyer!)

Remember me saying that I was going to knit the Tenth Doctor, Arne & Carlos-style? Well, that happened. I love him and his fluffy hair.


I considered making a Rose Tyler to keep him company but you know what? If she gets to keep the meta-crisis Doctor, then I get to keep the knitted one all for myself.

Travel all of time and space with you? I'd love to!

I can’t wait to share him at Geek Chic next Thursday. Who wants to cuddle the Doctor? (Who doesn’t?) There’s been some talk about doing this as a workshop–I’d love to.

Can't Stop the Signal!

I also finished the Can’t Stop the Signal pattern (and finally blocked it)! It’s up on Ravelry now and there’s been quite the clamor for the Nerd Alert yarn. StevenBe is sold out but it’s on order and we’re super excited to have it back.

Speaking of StevenBe, a felting customer named Aubrey is going to be starting her own Etsy shop soon and selling her needle felted Wooly Bullies. She came by the other day to give me one of my very own!

Nerdy Wooly Bully!

I love him. He’s so little and grumpy! I’ll let you know when her shop goes live.

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    September 12, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    I love all of it!

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