Just the Worst

Remember that one time I apologized because it had been a whole month since I had posted? Ahahahaha-haha-ha, yeah. I really am just the worst at keeping up with this. I create a schedule and then I don’t stick with it. I’m easily distracted or good at making excuses or super busy and none of those are actually good reasons to not do this. And it’s not that I owe it to you (okay, it’s maybe a little bit that I owe it to you)–it’s really more that I owe it to me because I enjoy doing this. And I should do the things that I enjoy and be productive in a way that makes me happy more often.

So, upcoming posts: I’m doing an FO Friday this week to show off the first two months of the StevenBe Inappropriate Squad patterns that I’m doing. I made a quilt that will knock your socks off on Maker’s Monday. I owe Tink Yarns a review and a giveaway and they’re going to get it on Tuesday Reviewsday, so brace yourself. And I’ve got a rockin’ new project that I’m working on in Celestial Strings‘ unbelievably squishy DK that you have to see on WIP Wednesday.

I’m here. I updated the shop with the CONsole Room extras and new stuff. (New bag designs! They’re rad!) I’ll be around more. I promise.

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  2 comments for “Just the Worst

  1. Avatar
    Carey A Nadeau
    September 29, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    never apologize

    • DrawFour
      October 4, 2016 at 8:11 am

      I’m way too Minnesotan for that, Carey.

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