Lace Is Scary

I’ve been trying new things lately. I’ve been an adventurous knitter in that I don’t mind working without a pattern or figuring something out on my own. But the fiddly bits in some techniques are ones that I tend to eschew just because I don’t care to fiddle. But I’ll tell you a secret: yarn shop employees’ knitting can be at the whim of their customers. We’ve had an influx of people lately who want laceweight and after I shudder on the inside, I guide them to the right section and help them find the right color. This has happened enough lately that I have stopped shuddering and cast on.



Rules I am breaking here: I don’t knit with laceweight, I don’t wear electric purple, I don’t make or wear lace shawls, I don’t use the same color as the sample. Let’s blame Beata from Hedgehog Fibres for designing this really lovely pattern and naming it after the Celtic goddess of war, the Morrigan. I was in love with the feathery lace and the fact that it’s named after a goddess who sometimes is a murder of crows just capped it off for me. I’ve always loved the Morrigan and her mythology. Plus, I’m just a sucker for Irish things. In Pagewood Farm Artesana, I know this is going to be a stunner and soft to boot. And I’ll probably actually wear it.

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    October 5, 2013 at 1:01 am

    Want! Please teach me. Pretty please?

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