Lazy Days and Crazy Days

For the last two months, it’s been one thing after another…or nothing. Steven’s on tour so I’ve been shipping yarn all over the country for the last month. Counting and wrapping and packing and shipping–that’s been my life. Plus, my coworkers and I had to do a stellar job keeping up the shop while our boss was out gallivanting about the nation.  So on my days off, I’ve been holed up in my apartment, getting comfortable on my couch, knitting, and watching the Veronica Mars movie (other things, too, but definitely VM a lot). Not writing, though. Sorry.

But as the tour winds down and my shipping responsibilities wane, I’m finding a little more brainpower and motivation for outside interests. I’m shopping on Spoonflower right now for a secret project that I’ll start teasing next month. I’ve got big things in store for you people.

Ticket stub pillows!

Ticket stub pillows!

Speaking of Spoonflower, ThinkGeek posted this on Facebook today and I have been fixated on which movies (or concerts–I’ve got some awesome older First Avenue ticket stubs) I want to make into pillows for my living room. We’ve got kind of a pop culture memorabilia thing going on. I keep everything (it’s a learned habit, MOM) so I have plenty to choose from. High Fidelity? Jimmy Eat World at the Marquee for the Clarity x 10 Tour? Scott Pilgrim? Titanic (seriously)? Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? Josie and the Pussycats (no)? I know there are more concert tickets shoved into a scrapbook somewhere.

I’ve also clearly been on a nostalgia tangent lately. My parents had a “take your shit home” party in which we sorted through old toys, notes, schoolwork, what have you. I found the very first thing I ever sewed: a bag that looks like a cow, complete with bell. It’s fantastic and I plan on using it as a knitting bag at my earliest convenience. I also found a bunch of papers, some print outs from when I worked on the newspaper, and an entire city of people made out of pipe cleaners. There were a bunch of unused pipe cleaners in that bag, too, so I may do a “make amazing people” tutorial on here in the coming month.

Stay tuned for awesome news and more frequent updates, I swear. I’ve got some big things in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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