Let’s Pretend It’s Monday, Shall We?

I have a confession to make: I am easily distracted. When I have things that need to be done, I do something else instead. I have something I’m test knitting and it’ll be a breeze, so instead of allowing myself to breeze through it, I’m casting on something to knit while I’m working on the test. Remember how I’m no good at self-discipline? (Also, it’s not Monday. I’m going to work on that.)

So tonight, I have finished several irritating work things. I am rewarding myself with more procrastiknitting, a Warehouse 13 marathon, and pizza. If this sounds like overkill, it is not. Have you ever applied for sales tax numbers for California and New York for a business incorporated in Minnesota? No? Then you have not suffered how I have suffered. The godforsaken bureaucratic nonsense involved was mind-numbing. I started something that I’ll post about tomorrow but I’m going to also cast on something new tonight: a pair of little ankle socks using this Broken Seed Stitch Socks recipe and the leftovers from my Can’t Stop the Signal shawlette. Surprising myself, I’ve been on an obsessive sock binge lately. I’ll take it.

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