Maker’s Monday: Ladybug Pottery

For Christmas, my mom gave me what must be the world’s heaviest gift card to Ladybug Pottery in Champlin, MN. She raised me, so naturally she loves that I have a collection of irate mugs and she thought it would be so much fun for the two of us to go to Ladybug and make our own mugs. Turns out it was serious business.

We were there for, no joke, 3.5 hours. People came and went and laughed and chatted at their own tables. She and I were focused and determined and practically the only words we exchanged were, “I’m having fun. Isn’t this fun?” Here’s the thing: all the planning and strategic color choosing and focus are legitimately fun for Mom and I. We like to make things. I’m jealous of her precision, I think she’s a little envious of the cavalier manner with which I freehand. It makes us a great team. So in our hours of painting, here’s what we produced¬† (unglazed, so all colors will be much more vibrant):


The irate travel mug. I didn’t have one of these yet and now I’m looking forward to carting Bleary Morning Bridget around. Outside is a multicolor speck, inside is green with dark green specks.


Mom jumped for the irate soup mug with cracker sidecar. She decided on “No soup for you!” very early on but she still googled “soup quotes” because she’s admirably thorough.


I like breakfast, I like Captain America. The luncheon tray and teacup set was an easy choice for me. I’m planning a set for each Avenger now because I’m obsessive like that.


Ladies and gentlemen, my mother. She showed me a video that my sister-in-law Cassie had posted on Facebook of a decorator using royal icing to make a tree-shaped sugar cookie look like a fair isle sweater. She told me that she was so angry at the thought of someone eating that incredible cookie that if she had decorated it, she’d straight up murder the person who ate it. I’m paraphrasing, but not much. You can imagine her rage-fueled glee when she found the tree-shaped candy dish. She got a pencil from the very patient Ladybug employee and planned out her design meticulously, watching the cookie video. It’s a masterpiece, truly.

Now please nobody eat my mom’s candy dish. I don’t have bail money.

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