Maker’s Monday: Paper Crafts & Shirts

Welcome to the second ever Maker’s Monday. Last week I squee’d over sassy cross stitch. Today I’m going to share something with you that I’ve never told you before: I love books. Wait, what do you mean I’ve said that before?

Okay, well, I’ve never told you about my longstanding obsession with quotes before. I own at least 5 books that are just quotes. There exists, somewhere in this pile of craft supplies that I call a studio, a three-ring binder that I have had since middle school that I filled with quotes–quotes from friends, family, magazine articles, books, movies, newspapers, TV shows. Anything that struck me as being funny or poignant or joyful got written down somewhere. I actually just remembered that in high school, I covered the back of my door with printer paper and wrote all of my favorite quotes on it. That’s a great idea. Why haven’t I done that since?

As a result, my books will frequently have highlighted passages in them, a fact that I have settled into quite comfortably. Someday, when I am gone, the highlighted words in my favorite books will live on to speak for me in the hands of another reader. That gives me comfort, not because I’m terrified of being forgotten or anything like that but because these words are so important to me and it’s equally important that I am not the only one who knows how powerful they are.

I’m getting kind of off-topic; this is supposed to be about something I’ve made. One of my favorite authors (who happens to write very good YA) just had his second book-to-movie experience and, because I made myself a shirt to wear to the first one, I went ahead and made a shirt for the second one. I have a couple of friends who really like John Green‘s writing as well, so I let them pick designs and made shirts for them, too. This time, though, instead of just painting a quote on a shirt like I did for The Fault in Our Stars, I sat down with my copy of Paper Towns and a stack of scrapbooking supplies and paper crafted like a madwoman.

Sara chose this one
Sara chose this one
I chose this one.
I chose this one.
Missy chose this one.
Missy chose this one.


Nobody chose this one and I didn't realize until now that it looks like the TARDIS.
Nobody chose this one and I didn’t realize until now that it looks like the TARDIS.
Nobody chose this one and it's really simple but I still love it.
Nobody chose this one and it’s really simple but I still love it.


























They turned out even better than I thought they would and I had a lot of fun digging into the book and finding my favorite passages and confirming accuracy of the wording (nerd alert!). I’m looking forward to the near-ish future when I can make something badass to wear to the opening night of Looking for Alaska. Happy birthday, John Green, and thank you for your amazing words. They never fail to make me feel all of the things.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is almost upon us! I turn 30 this Friday and to celebrate the end of my twenties, everything in my shop is 20% off with promo code NERDY30 through Saturday, 8/29/15. Thank you all for sharing this craftacular journey with me and at least pretending like I entertain you. You’re all very good at humoring me.

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    August 25, 2015 at 5:14 am

    Gosh I like you more and more all the time! I too have quote books…some bought and some made. Keep being awesome B!

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