Making For Makers

Making For Makers is about using your skills to thank someone who has used their skills to create something that you have loved. Sometimes we feel driven to do more for family, friends, writers, musicians, actors, creators, than just thanking them or consuming or purchasing what they’ve made and I believe that the best way for you to express how truly grateful you are for them is by pouring that appreciation into your own creativity and making something for them.

Draw fan art, knit something, write something, crochet something, sew something–say something. Make your own magic to thank them for the magic they’ve made for you.

Send it to them, give it to them, share your joy with them in a way that only you can.

Share your Making For Makers stories with and I’ll do a monthly post. Send photos with your stories!

In the future, I’ll have some free downloadable cards that you can fold up and use so stay tuned!

Here are my two Making For Makers stories:

In 2015, I decided that I wanted to make the most elaborate pair of socks that I had ever made and that I was going to make them for John Green. I had devoured all of his books and it was so amazing to me that he had written those stories and now they were mine.

So to thank him for making those stories for me (maybe not directly for me, sure, but I certainly benefit from their existence), I knit him a pair of M.C. Escher tessellating salamander socks. When I had the opportunity to give him the socks, he was so excited about them that me made me seem like a wizard. With sticks and string, I had made magic for a man who wrote amazing stories and produced fantastic content with his brother Hank.


In 2001, I fell in love with Jimmy Eat World’s album Bleed American. I listened to it over and over and, in my first act of internet community, I joined their message board. That message board is where I met some of my dearest friends–including my husband. They’ve continued to make quality music, especially the latest album, Integrity Blues. It’s the first album that I’ve truly connected to as an adult. I had the opportunity to say hi to them after they played in Minneapolis in December 2016 and I decided that, since they were going to be in some colder cities and to thank them for Integrity Blues, I would knit them hats.

I let them pick their own and they were pretty psyched about the different details and the colors. They know the impact they’ve had on my life; they’ve taken responsibility for my marriage a few times. But they’ve made so much wonderful music that’s been the background to so much of my life that I wanted to return the favor with something that I made for them.

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