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I (obviously) have a huge case of MCUphilia–I am super in love with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I made a special trip out of the house today (admittedly unusual on a day off; I really love being at home) to pick up a copy of Avengers: Age of Ultron on its release date. This is how I function.

I know people had issues with this movie. I still loved it. Joss 2015-10-02 22.10.21Whedon set the bar high with Avengers and, for me, the trick was to mindfully not compare the two. It added depth to all of the characters–Cap and Iron Man, setting up for Civil War, but also necessary depth to Hawkeye and Black Widow, two heroes who have been seen as secondary characters. Barton’s hidden family serves to remind the Avengers what they’re fighting for and that their dreams aren’t beyond their grasp. Natasha’s Scarlet Witch-induced academy flashbacks in contrast with Barton’s family showed us everything that had been taken away from her. People (including my husband) took issue with the blossoming romance between Natasha and Banner (and the Hulk), saying that it came out of nowhere. As a storyteller, though, I get it. The two (three?) of them clearly worked together extensively to develop the Lullaby, something that clearly requires trust between Natasha and Banner as well as Natasha and the Hulk. To me, it only made sense that such an intense trust would transform into something more, especially between two people (three people, though, really–the Hulk clearly has feelings other than rage directed toward Nat) who all too frequently view themselves as nothing more than killing machines. Why didn’t we see more of the development? Because it wouldn’t have made an interesting movie.

I’m also planning a viewing party of the movie at StevenBe for next Thursday, which I’m very excited about because it gives me another excuse to wear my Captain America dress. I mean, I don’t really NEED an excuse but it’s sure nice to have one. It’s also the day we’re releasing full skeins of the Three Irish Girls Avengers colors that I developed with them. I can’t afford to buy them all, though heaven knows I want to. I have an idea, though, that I’m pretty sure I can figure out and pull the trigger on before May 6, 2016 (the release date for Captain America: Civil War and I cannot freaking wait).

I’m not going to give anything away; I don’t like spoilers. I will say that it’s going to involve a skein of Captain Rogers facing off against a skein of Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist. And I’m really excited to figure out how to make my idea work.


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