More MSTie Fun

I did a couple of other things:

After finishing the sweater for Chris, I spent some time making hats for the MST3K Live Watch Out for Snakes Tour cast. What they did with the new season made me so happy and has been so satisfying to rewatch, I needed to thank them in a tactile way. Since I cover the people I love in wool, the solution was obvious.

I got to go to the meet & greet after the show, meet the cast, and get a photo! Joel thanked me for dressing up (because of course I did–I made a dress and fingerless mitts just for the occasion).

It was so wonderful to be able to hand out the hats to their owners–everyone seemed to love theirs. Rebecca and Tim were really excited and Jonah gave me a bear hug and put his on right away. Everyone was so sweet and gracious even though they must have been exhausted and tired of watching the same movies over and over again.

Grant came out after our photo op to get his hat and say hi, too! He requested (at my prompting, not unprovoked) a Waverly hat and I was only too happy to jump at the opportunity. In short order, I got tagged on Twitter in one of my favorite photos ever:

It was an incredible night filled with laughter (during the movie and [obviously] afterward) and it’s been a well of glee for me to dip into over the last week and a half. Since then, I also spent some time creating a little digital art inspired by my MST3K sweater. It turned out really cool (I think), so I put it on some things on Society6 and someone who got a metal travel mug pretty early on sent me this rad picture.

And! I finally got it together and put together a PDF of all my charts plus a pretty extensive tip sheet plus a hat pattern to customize plus a mitts pattern to monkey with and they all live on the MST3Knitting pattern!

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