Nerd Alert!

I like superheros and spaceships and video games. I like gods and mythical creatures and magic. I will defend to the death my right to believe in the impossible. And by god, I will become emotionally invested in fictional characters.

I love to combine my passions, too. I took one look at the Arne & Carlos Knitted Dolls book today and decided I would be knitting the Tenth Doctor. I’ve made a Jayne Cobb hat and have another one on the needles. When the Dragonfly Fibers order arrived at StevenBe, I squee’d and immediately purchased a color called Zombie Apocalypse.

I recently had the opportunity through my job to collaborate with Melissa at Wild Hare Fiber Studio to create an all new line of yarn colors inspired by Joss Whedon’s short-lived but much-loved show Firefly. I was so lucky to work with someone as thorough and determined to really get it right as Melissa. I sent her color concepts and she asked for pictures of what inspired them and we discussed color sequences and blending. They came out perfect.

From left to right: River, Shindig, Browncoat, Serenity, and Cunning.

I am so excited to have had a hand in these. Not only do the colors fit my vision but the yarn is a real pleasure to knit.

Can't Stop the Signal!

I’ll have a new pattern up tomorrow using these exclusive yarns. It’s a triangular shawl using stripes of Serenity and Cunning. I love how well they work together!

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    August 24, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    Your new shawl is gorgeous!

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