New Pattern: Alice

It was the color, really, that struck me first. Madelinetosh called it “Button Jar Blue” but I couldn’t stop holding it up with “Sea Salt” and seeing Alice’s dress in Alice and Wonderland. Eyes wide, grasping the two skeins, I told Nancy Wynn‘s class exactly how I envisioned this shawlette happening (I swear, they were interested). And then, it did. Like magic.

We're all mad here.

We’re all mad here.

I don’t always have that kind of success. Usually I start something and the concept shifts halfway through. Or a quarter of the way through. Or at the end, when I rip it out and start over entirely. This time, though, everything just worked out. The purl ridges on the right side marked out the places where I would put the ruffles, making it so much easier to place them after I had bound off the bottom edge. The ruffles themselves blocked out perfectly, into big loops like giant garter stitch rick rack. And my 3-year-old niece, who has been skeptical about my scarf knitting propensity (“You already made one of those.” Like I’m only allowed one scarf. Come on, kid.), took one look at it and gave me side eyes, saying, “…I could wear that. Could be a skirt.” I’ve resisted her charming little wiles so far but dang it if she isn’t going to get one of these for her birthday. Nobody tell her.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Alice is whimsical and warm all at the same time. It’s also a little ’50s retro with its layers of bold ruffles–I think my brother’s wife may need one, too, in red and white. Don’t tell her, either. It’s a fun and easy knit with entertaining details. I hope you enjoy it!

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