Pittsburgh Prep

Steven is going to be operating a booth at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show this weekend. With him in South Africa, the prep work has been up to us at the store. We have a great opportunity to partner with Aslan Trends in the booth so we’ve been working up samples to show off their yarns. I took home a skein of Royal Alpaca and a skein of their new thick and thin cotton, Lecco, and came up with the Silk Scarf Cowl.


A free form textured stitch accentuates the cotton and the alpaca eyelets provide the perfect places for 2″ hand painted silk ribbon to be woven through. I left the ends of the ribbons hanging and jogged them two eyelets over from one another in order to give it that decorative silk scarf look.


Watch out, Pittsburgh! DrawFour Designs for StevenBe is on its way!

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