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It’s not Monday (clearly). My feet hurt and I am SO tired (note to self: comfier shoes tomorrow). But you’re here. And I’m here. Let’s Blog Post.

Day one of the Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop was fantastic. We had great donations rolling in and hundreds of enthusiastic knitters. The StevenBe project is a new version of Steven’s classic ponchini with a great gradient of hand-dyed tonals by Frabjous Fibers. Our “Local Colors” landmark is First Avenue, my favorite music venue, so I’m celebrating in theme by wearing band t-shirts all weekend. My heart, though, is at Yarn Garage (shhh, don’t tell Steven).

I love the model's Cruella-chic hair.

I knit that. It’s a Stephen West pattern reworked by yours truly in a to-die-for yarn by Wild Hare Fiber Studios. Yarn Garage has Minnesota Zoo as their landmark and the Wild Hare animal colors hit the nail on the head. This color was a selfish request on my part but really, who doesn’t love ring-tailed lemurs? I loved watching the colors come together while I worked out the pattern. The extra yarn overs extended the open area and made the final project look a little untamed.

Lemurs in the morning, sailors take warning.

I was thrilled to share a byline with Stephen on this one and I can’t wait to see it knit up in Komodo Dragon, Red Panda, and Sea Otter.

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    August 7, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    Hay, I have been quietly rediang and enjoying your blog, it seems that we have a lot in common. But today I have to comment because I have been looking for a sweater pattern to knit myself and love the Owl sweater. I already printed the pattern however I am a bit intimidated by the cabling!

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