Spinning Saturday: Malabrigo Nube

On Sunday, in a moment of weakness that comes all too easily at StevenBe, I borrowed a spinning wheel from Steven. It’s a Louet S10 double treadle, clean and modern-looking and quite sturdy. When I was living in New York, a group of friends taught me some spinning basics but I didn’t take it up then because I already had so many hobbies and with the move lurking ahead of us, I didn’t have hundreds of dollars to drop on a wheel. Well, I don’t have fewer hobbies now and I still don’t have the spare cash but I found myself with a burning need to sit down and magically make yarn. Where did the inspiration come from?


Husband asks, "Is that seriously called 'n00b'?" Sure it is, dude.

Malabrigo Nube, newly arrived and almost completely gone from the shop. I fell in love with those dratted Malabrigo colors and the squishy softness of the 100% merino. It made me lust after a spinning wheel in a way I usually reserve for cashmere, dark chocolate, and sure, my husband. I left on Sunday with a braid in Persia and one in Piedras (got a second for my birthday–thanks, Missy!).


Knitter's Nightmare 100% merino in Grave Robber--I even love the name!

I tested my memory with two hand-painted braids by Knitter’s Nightmare. They were a pleasure to spin with, the colors came out beautifully, and I loved knitting with it afterward.


Just try to tell me to weave in that end. I dare you.

Onward to Malabrigo! I sat down with a basket in front of my TV and an episode and a half of Cold Case later, I had drafted half of my braid of Persia. It was so pretty to watch the colors as they separated and spread out but the darkest brown spots were slightly felted. I may have cursed a little bit. Still, they were lovely and soft and I spun it all into singles.


Malabrigo Nube in Persia, single ply

I had wanted to ply my Knitter’s Nightmare so I asked Google about plying. Then I asked it, “What the hell is a Lazy Kate?” Turns out I had grabbed the S10 that had one. Success! It was simpler than I had suspected but required me to pay a lot more attention.



I’m inconsistent and I overspin. I’m making art yarn almost by accident. Right now, on my borrowed wheel, I’m having way too much fun to give a damn.

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