FO Friday: StevenBe Inappropriate Squad

So, guys, I don’t know if you were aware, but my latest baby that I am nurturing into (im)maturity is the StevenBe Inappropriate Squad. Steven had this great idea to pull together an exclusive collection of double entendre-themed yarns and then Jeremy decided that what it really needed to be was a subscription. I mean, yeah. Of course.

I got to help develop the colors for all six months of this ridiculous subscription and help choose the naughty extras that go in the boxes. Michael named the colors (he still owes me names for December) and I got to design and write copy for the collectable colorway cards that come with the skeins.

I’ve also been writing the patterns for the boxes! Four patterns every month, one for fingering weight, one for DK and heavier, and then goofy little patterns for the leftovers because everyone hates having leftover yarn except me. October is finished and amazing and I cannot show you.

14124927_1062604303858382_3320497215493680832_oBut you can see August:

The yarn is amazingly squishy Three Irish Girls Springvale Worsted and Springvale Sock and the colorway is called Banana Hammock. God, I loved writing copy for these tags. The Hammock Hat has a loose lattice cable pattern that shows really nicely in a variegated yarn (I’m working up a second one in all…my…free…time? using Madelinetosh Vintage in Outlander and it looks great) and because of the needle size, it actually drapes well, too. The Swingers Shawl has an open mesh and uses some short rows on the top to give it a rad shape after you block it.


14409940_1092398390878973_8533515851635557412_oYou may also see September:

The yarn is hard-working and still so soft Wild Hare Fiber Studio Pinnacle Sock and Pinnacle DK in Once You Go Black. Both are a great merino/nylon blend and were great to knit. The Static Prevails Slouch has a seed stitch diamond pattern that fuzzes out the thin bright stripes created by the colorway. Blacking Out the Friction is a cowl based on that pooling quality I love so much. It can be a little tricky to get the pooling to work sometimes so, instead of just sending out a garter stitch cowl that some people can get to pool, I added a debossed diamond pattern so there’s some textural interest on this baby, too. (Also, I clearly let my inner indie kid name these patterns.)

I’m loving the hell out of this opportunity. All these patterns are going to be Squad exclusives for six months but they’re up on Ravelry (just not available for purchase yet). If you’re a Squad member, identify yourself in the comments! If you’re interested in having access to these rad yarns and patterns, there are still Sloppy Seconds access passes available at


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  1. Avatar
    Carey A Nadeau
    October 4, 2016 at 9:31 am

    REPRESENT! I love the subscription–thanks for making it all work Bridget!! 😀

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