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WIP Wednesday: Bayside Pullover

Five years ago, my older brother and his delightful wife gifted Coastal Knits to me for Christmas. My sister-in-law Mel left me little notes in the book about particular patterns she liked. In any other family, this kind of behavior would have been seen as presumptuous but not in mine. I’ve mentioned before the level of craftiness and artistic talent… Read more →

Be Remarkable

I have been accused of creativity on occasion. In reality, I am just so lucky to have come from a family that fosters exploration and expression. I have cousins who are teachers, social workers, musicians, day care providers, architects–they do everything and many of them also make things. Today I want to feature some of my remarkable relations and their… Read more →

Lazy Days and Crazy Days

For the last two months, it’s been one thing after another…or nothing. Steven’s on tour so I’ve been shipping yarn all over the country for the last month. Counting and wrapping and packing and shipping–that’s been my life. Plus, my coworkers and I had to do a stellar job keeping up the shop while our boss was out gallivanting about… Read more →

Bad Blogger!

No posts in a month? For shame, Bridget. FOR. SHAME. Lisa lectured me briefly at CONsole Room, the Doctor Who convention here in Minneapolis, so here I am. What have we missed? Fiber Fest 2014 was crazy and exhausting. I got to spend time with some rock star knitters…and internationally-known teachers. I also ran down to Texas for a day… Read more →

New Pattern: Alice

It was the color, really, that struck me first. Madelinetosh called it “Button Jar Blue” but I couldn’t stop holding it up with “Sea Salt” and seeing Alice’s dress in Alice and Wonderland. Eyes wide, grasping the two skeins, I told Nancy Wynn‘s class exactly how I envisioned this shawlette happening (I swear, they were interested). And then, it did.… Read more →

Christmas Comes Early

I committed to making Beer Mitts and matching non-dominant mittens for anyone on my mom’s side of the family that would want them for the Turkey Run on Thanksgiving. I won’t say it was a huge mistake. Maybe it was just a, um, temporal miscalculation? With my tendency toward knitter’s ADD (Ooh, this is shiny, must cast it on! Ooh,… Read more →

A Wedding and a Headdesk

I feel terrible that it’s been almost a month since I’ve written anything here. Bad blogger! Bad! Work has been nutty. My boss is headed for Indianapolis for the knit and crochet show. Getting him and the contents of our booth ready to go is always an…experience. Such is the life of working for a free spirit. I finished my… Read more →

Boxes and boxes

The DH and I are picking up stakes and moving halfway across the country (again) in less than two weeks. As you can imagine, that means there’s been a lot of sorting and cleaning but not a lot of knitting or sewing. We’re getting to the point where everything needs to start getting boxed up and I’m having a crafter’s… Read more →

Baby showers

My mom’s family is intensely crafty. They quilt, sew, knit, crochet, embroider, scrapbook, design clothing, create art, and are just overall colorful and joyful people. When there’s cause for celebration, they come together and make something beautiful to mark the occasion. When more and more of my cousins started stepping up to the sewing machine to create, bridal showers and… Read more →