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FOs, Day Off Style

After a very, very long week, I finally had a day to breathe. I used that day to sleep, watch the entire first season of Pushing Daisies, and finish some projects. Cunning Hat I’d call it something more specific but I don’t want to risk getting a “cease and desist” from a network with no respect for good television. I… Read more →

Accidentally absent

I feel irresponsible, like an absentee blogger. I’ve been busy, I promise, and there are new things afoot. I have a pretty lace hat pattern using Noro Ayatori (soft, squooshy, and light as a cloud) and a little handbag out of Knit Collage Stargazer Silk and Sequins. As for other people’s patterns, I’m working up a couple of gifts out… Read more →

Finished Object: Rockstar

This brainchild of mine is the first thing that has gone from a precise picture in my head to a real piece that matches that picture perfectly. To say that I’m really happy with it is an understatement. It looks classy with a bit of sparkle and fun with pinstriped pants for, say, a job interview. It looks fun and… Read more →

Yarn Love: Knit Collage

They’re bright and sparkly and awesome and I love them, all of them. Knit Collage yarns are just fabulous. There’s Pixie Dust, a core-spun yarn that comes in a sparkling rainbow of colors.[singlepic id=134 w=320 h=240 float=none] And there’s Gypsy Garden, cheerful with flowers and ribbons spun in. You already know how much I love Stargazer Silk & Sequins, smooth… Read more →