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FO Friday: Rory Cowl

It’s been a really busy week and I didn’t plan out my blogs–see how well that works? So first off, congratulations to Lisa, winner of last week’s Tuesday Reviewsday Geeky Giveaway! Her bundle includes a copy of Knits for Nerds, my Can’t Stop the Signal pattern, a skein of StevenBe Nerd Alert SMASH by Three Irish Girls, a Geronimo project… Read more →

Lace Is Scary

I’ve been trying new things lately. I’ve been an adventurous knitter in that I don’t mind working without a pattern or figuring something out on my own. But the fiddly bits in some techniques are ones that I tend to eschew just because I don’t care to fiddle. But I’ll tell you a secret: yarn shop employees’ knitting can be… Read more →