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New Pattern: Alice

It was the color, really, that struck me first. Madelinetosh called it “Button Jar Blue” but I couldn’t stop holding it up with “Sea Salt” and seeing Alice’s dress in Alice and Wonderland. Eyes wide, grasping the two skeins, I told Nancy Wynn‘s class exactly how I envisioned this shawlette happening (I swear, they were interested). And then, it did.… Read more →

Getting Ready for New York

I’m sitting here, letting the dye set in my hair (back to brown!) and suddenly I realize that it stopped being Monday 45 minutes ago. Whoops! I spent much of today doing laundry, making lists, and packing to leave for New York on Wednesday. Husband and I went out to dinner and ran some errands together, getting in a little… Read more →

Christmas Comes Early

I committed to making Beer Mitts and matching non-dominant mittens for anyone on my mom’s side of the family that would want them for the Turkey Run on Thanksgiving. I won’t say it was a huge mistake. Maybe it was just a, um, temporal miscalculation? With my tendency toward knitter’s ADD (Ooh, this is shiny, must cast it on! Ooh,… Read more →

FOs, Day Off Style

After a very, very long week, I finally had a day to breathe. I used that day to sleep, watch the entire first season of Pushing Daisies, and finish some projects. Cunning Hat I’d call it something more specific but I don’t want to risk getting a “cease and desist” from a network with no respect for good television. I… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: Afternoon Tea

After Sunday’s Color Theory session with Amy Hendrix from Madelinetosh, I waited for all of my favorite colors to sell out and go out the door. Silly me. Tosh Merino DK in Afternoon was still there and looking oh-so-pretty. I don’t usually go for pinks or peaches but this one reminded me of dress-up and tea parties with my girly… Read more →

FO: Manhattan Melodies

My dear Keith of Knits All Done sent me a gorgeous skein of Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted in Midnight in Manhattan. It’s so soft and the blue is so deep and rich. I don’t usually do shawls but I loved the idea of having this around my neck (and I was burned out on cowls). I knit a garter stitch triangle… Read more →

Work in Progress: Gradient Tee

With the brand new shipment of madelinetosh, I discovered a gorgeous gradient in Vintage (left to right): Onyx to Georgia O’Keeffe to Esoteric. I’m in love with the dusky teals. I’ve already cast on for a tee that starts with Esoteric and moves down to Onyx (a little black at the hips never hurt). Raglan cap sleeves, scoop neck. I… Read more →

Pattern writing

The FOs are, shockingly, stacking up. I have at least two patterns to write up and a bunch more just floating around in my head or half-finished on needles. Here are my favorites: The Jeremy Cowl Double-knit in Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted, it’s warm and squishy and reversible! The argyle pattern was really fun to knit and I get compliments on… Read more →