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WIP Wednesday: POP Blanket

Shh, I know it’s Tuesday. For once, I’m ahead of schedule! I’ve been watching Zoolandia, the Yarn Garage‘s Shop Hop pattern on which I collaborated with Stephen West, rocket up the Ravelry charts all the way to #1 on the “What’s Hot” list. It’s free through April 21st so jump on it. I know this is probably old hat for… Read more →

Work in Progress: Me

With so much going on lately, my poor website has fallen by the wayside. We still don’t have internet at home so any blogging gets done at Caribou or on my phone (which is really awkward). I’ve been knitting up a storm lately, working on projects for display at StevenBe and designing accessories. I’m going to start putting some items… Read more →

Accidentally absent

I feel irresponsible, like an absentee blogger. I’ve been busy, I promise, and there are new things afoot. I have a pretty lace hat pattern using Noro Ayatori (soft, squooshy, and light as a cloud) and a little handbag out of Knit Collage Stargazer Silk and Sequins. As for other people’s patterns, I’m working up a couple of gifts out… Read more →