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Things have been nutty lately! I started a new job at the end of May and I’m learning a lot about how bigger shops run and how to get classes and events filled not just with people but with fun. I’m surrounded by fabulous yarn every day and it’s so inspiring! I have a million ideas kicking around in my… Read more →

Updates and joy

My portfolio is live and now I can cross that off my “Things to Accomplish in 2012” list. It was right under “finish a sweater,” last month’s big triumph. If you see anything in my portfolio that you want for your own, use the Contact link to send me a message. Reference any of the information on the picture and… Read more →

Brand new website!

Welcome to the new home of DrawFour Designs! Soon you’ll be able to find and purchase unique knitting and sewing patterns as well as request made-to-order custom hand-knit and sewn pieces. Browse my portfolio (available 2/12/12) and contact me with orders or general inquiries. Thank you for checking in! Bridget Read more →