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WIP Wednesday: Ice Wine Cowl

I just finished watching Jessica Jones all the way through for the third time–twice with my husband and once with my knitting group. It doesn’t lose anything in the rewatch or the rerewatch. If you haven’t watched yet, you really should. So in the spirit of adulting better this year, I’m planning ahead…for my Halloween costume. (Adulting, I’m doing it… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: Bayside Pullover

Five years ago, my older brother and his delightful wife gifted Coastal Knits to me for Christmas. My sister-in-law Mel left me little notes in the book about particular patterns she liked. In any other family, this kind of behavior would have been seen as presumptuous but not in mine. I’ve mentioned before the level of craftiness and artistic talent… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: POP Blanket

Shh, I know it’s Tuesday. For once, I’m ahead of schedule! I’ve been watching Zoolandia, the Yarn Garage‘s Shop Hop pattern on which I collaborated with Stephen West, rocket up the Ravelry charts all the way to #1 on the “What’s Hot” list. It’s free through April 21st so jump on it. I know this is probably old hat for… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: Baby Sophisticate

I’m knitting this pattern for the third time and I can’t put into words how incredibly fun it is to tweak. The first one I did was pretty straightforward, just upping the needle size and yarn weight. On the second I added a stripe pattern that everyone seems to love. I think it’s a familiarity thing–has anyone noticed that it’s… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: Afternoon Tea

After Sunday’s Color Theory session with Amy Hendrix from Madelinetosh, I waited for all of my favorite colors to sell out and go out the door. Silly me. Tosh Merino DK in Afternoon was still there and looking oh-so-pretty. I don’t usually go for pinks or peaches but this one reminded me of dress-up and tea parties with my girly… Read more →

Work in Progress: Gradient Tee

With the brand new shipment of madelinetosh, I discovered a gorgeous gradient in Vintage (left to right): Onyx to Georgia O’Keeffe to Esoteric. I’m in love with the dusky teals. I’ve already cast on for a tee that starts with Esoteric and moves down to Onyx (a little black at the hips never hurt). Raglan cap sleeves, scoop neck. I… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: Bayside Pullover

Okay, it’s a Christmas present and it’s way late. But to be fair, it’s definitely a spring sweater and it’s for my incredibly forgiving sister-in-law. It’s Hannah Fettig’s Bayside Pullover from Coastal Knits, a book of fabulous patterns by Hannah and Alana Dakos. These ladies took their inspiration from their respective coasts and, no surprise, I find myself absolutely taken… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: Ski-U-Mah Hat

My deadline for this puppy is Friday and I’m going to squeak right in. I’m down to the last few decrease rounds. Next come the earflaps, then the crochet edging, then the braids. Final touches that are all pretty quick to execute. I’m checking my notes from my previous hockey hat as I go, correcting math and changing the chart… Read more →