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WIP Wednesday: Ice Wine Cowl

I just finished watching Jessica Jones all the way through for the third time–twice with my husband and once with my knitting group. It doesn’t lose anything in the rewatch or the rerewatch. If you haven’t watched yet, you really should. So in the spirit of adulting better this year, I’m planning ahead…for my Halloween costume. (Adulting, I’m doing it… Read more →

Lace Is Scary

I’ve been trying new things lately. I’ve been an adventurous knitter in that I don’t mind working without a pattern or figuring something out on my own. But the fiddly bits in some techniques are ones that I tend to eschew just because I don’t care to fiddle. But I’ll tell you a secret: yarn shop employees’ knitting can be… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: Bayside Pullover

Okay, it’s a Christmas present and it’s way late. But to be fair, it’s definitely a spring sweater and it’s for my incredibly forgiving sister-in-law. It’s Hannah Fettig’s Bayside Pullover from Coastal Knits, a book of fabulous patterns by Hannah and Alana Dakos. These ladies took their inspiration from their respective coasts and, no surprise, I find myself absolutely taken… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: Ski-U-Mah Hat

My deadline for this puppy is Friday and I’m going to squeak right in. I’m down to the last few decrease rounds. Next come the earflaps, then the crochet edging, then the braids. Final touches that are all pretty quick to execute. I’m checking my notes from my previous hockey hat as I go, correcting math and changing the chart… Read more →