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WIP Wednesday: Bayside Pullover

Five years ago, my older brother and his delightful wife gifted Coastal Knits to me for Christmas. My sister-in-law Mel left me little notes in the book about particular patterns she liked. In any other family, this kind of behavior would have been seen as presumptuous but not in mine. I’ve mentioned before the level of craftiness and artistic talent… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: POP Blanket

Shh, I know it’s Tuesday. For once, I’m ahead of schedule! I’ve been watching Zoolandia, the Yarn Garage‘s Shop Hop pattern on which I collaborated with Stephen West, rocket up the Ravelry charts all the way to #1 on the “What’s Hot” list. It’s free through April 21st so jump on it. I know this is probably old hat for… Read more →

Lace Is Scary

I’ve been trying new things lately. I’ve been an adventurous knitter in that I don’t mind working without a pattern or figuring something out on my own. But the fiddly bits in some techniques are ones that I tend to eschew just because I don’t care to fiddle. But I’ll tell you a secret: yarn shop employees’ knitting can be… Read more →

WIP Wednesday: Afternoon Tea

After Sunday’s Color Theory session with Amy Hendrix from Madelinetosh, I waited for all of my favorite colors to sell out and go out the door. Silly me. Tosh Merino DK in Afternoon was still there and looking oh-so-pretty. I don’t usually go for pinks or peaches but this one reminded me of dress-up and tea parties with my girly… Read more →

Work in Progress: Me

With so much going on lately, my poor website has fallen by the wayside. We still don’t have internet at home so any blogging gets done at Caribou or on my phone (which is really awkward). I’ve been knitting up a storm lately, working on projects for display at StevenBe and designing accessories. I’m going to start putting some items… Read more →

New Home

We moved into our new place on Tuesday! Hubs went straight back to work the next day so I’ve taken on the bulk of the unpacking. It was novel at first, partially because I got to rediscover a lot of things that had been in my parents’ garage for two years. I have to admit, though, the novelty is wearing… Read more →

Boxes and boxes

The DH and I are picking up stakes and moving halfway across the country (again) in less than two weeks. As you can imagine, that means there’s been a lot of sorting and cleaning but not a lot of knitting or sewing. We’re getting to the point where everything needs to start getting boxed up and I’m having a crafter’s… Read more →

Yarn Love: Knit Collage

They’re bright and sparkly and awesome and I love them, all of them. Knit Collage yarns are just fabulous. There’s Pixie Dust, a core-spun yarn that comes in a sparkling rainbow of colors.[singlepic id=134 w=320 h=240 float=none] And there’s Gypsy Garden, cheerful with flowers and ribbons spun in. You already know how much I love Stargazer Silk & Sequins, smooth… Read more →

Work In Progress

I have two sweet little nieces, H and E, with birthdays next month and (for possibly the first time), I am ahead of the game. These ladies are not yet old enough to cruise the internet so I feel okay with talking about what I’m working out for them (unlike the pretty thing I just finished for my sister-in-law Amber,… Read more →