Wildly Inept

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing you do turns out right? You’ve measured twice and find that you’re still not cutting just once and you’ve now wasted an entire yard of fabric because you were “on a roll.” You figure out that the cute watermelon-looking cupcakes actually taste like watermelon (when you despise fake watermelon) not because the box tells you so (and it does) but because you opened the mix and the scent assailed your nostrils. You decide that you need pajama pants and that they’re so easy to make, you can just throw them together–except it turns out you can’t.


The feels! The project bag potential! I just can’t.

That was Friday.

I know all of these things. I can do basic addition and I know I’m not a stick figure and I know that if something says “Watermelon (artificially flavored)” it will taste like fake goddamn watermelon and I will hate it. And yet, here I am, afraid to so much as start anything new because I’m convinced that Friday’s curse of ineptitude has taken hold of me and will not release me. I haven’t even made dinner since then.


I need a day where everything goes right (won’t be tomorrow, I know that). I need to know that in a world gone wrong, I can still make tasty cupcakes in my crabby pajama pants and knit out of my drawstring Doctor Who project bag. This needs to happen.

End on a positive note: I posted!

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