WIP Wednesday: Ice Wine Cowl

I just finished watching Jessica Jones all the way through for the third time–twice with my husband and once with my knitting group. It doesn’t lose anything in the rewatch or the rerewatch. If you haven’t watched yet, you really should. So in the spirit of adulting better this year, I’m planning ahead…for my Halloween costume. (Adulting, I’m doing it right?)

Jessica-JonesBoom. I’m going to be Jessica Jones for Halloween. I have the black leather jacket, I have plenty of t-shirts, and I’m sure I can find light denim jeans before October. As a knitter, I clearly didn’t intend to go out and buy a bigass gray cowl for this. As a knitter who is adulting this year, I got the jump on Halloween and I’m over halfway done with Ice Wine, a pattern by Thea Colman.

IMG_20160218_211049Instead of the Quince & Co Osprey that the pattern calls for (which is Perfectly Good Yarn), I decided to use Blue Sky Alpacas Extra, a 55/45 alpaca/merino blend with great twist, excellent stitch definition, and fantastic bounce. I’ve been dying to knit with it so, in a way, this was absolutely me just making an excuse. I can accept that. The pattern has been great, too–just interesting enough to keep me from putting it down but brainless enough that I have it memorized and I can knit it while watching season 10 of Criminal Minds on Netflix.

20160224_153956This bigass gray cowl is already big and it’s going to get bigasser. It’s cushy and squishy and warms my lap. I already love this thing. Side note: have you ever asked yourself, “Bridget sure knits a lot, I wonder if she has time to wear all of the things?” Well, I don’t. I’m weaving in the ends of some things and I’ll be selling some finished knits in the DrawFour shop here.

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  2 comments for “WIP Wednesday: Ice Wine Cowl

  1. Avatar
    February 24, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    NIIIIIIIICE!! If i looked as good in leather pants as she does (and as you do I’m sure) I’d love to be her for Halloween!! Always looking to be the baddest female out there. (Notice I did not say baddest b*tch – not a fan of putting us down.) xoxo. Rock it.

  2. Avatar
    Missy 2
    February 26, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    All hail Queen Bridgette! I’m loving the idea of sale knitted merch. As your patterns are not crochet I miss out on your brilliance and artistry. As Ms. Jessica Jones is my new obsession (your fault ) your Halloween idea is so fun. I’m excited to see your new scarf/cowl….I may want it!

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