WIP Wednesday: My Brain

Yeah, okay, it’s been a while and last time I was here it was just to wax poetic about the Avengers. I promise, geeking out over things isn’t all I do.


Over the last month, I have attended a very inspiring convention for writers of stories and enthusiasts of storytelling–NerdCon: Stories. I had an incredible time and felt excited again about writing here. (I know, I know, so where the hell have I been?) Also, I knit these socks for one of my writing and overall heroes:

12096394_10106781977953750_485889276604229188_nI felt so good about finishing them and especially for finishing them in time to hand them over in person at NerdCon. Yes, that’s right, I met one of my heroes, impressed him with my knitting wizardry, and got to thank him in person for writing stories I love. Thanks again, John Green, for giving me some of your time. I know you were sleepy.

12138337_10106781895973040_209598351825754908_oI have also been at the annual quilting retreat with my mom, aunts, and cousins. When I tell people that we do this, the response I get is often a combination of confusion, horror, and fascination. What does one do at a quilting retreat? (Answer: holler “calm your tits” at each other, stay up until 2:30 am, and sew; priority in that order.) Do you really enjoy being with your family for four days straight? (Quick answer: Yes. Longer answer: Hell yes.) Where does one go to do such a thing? (Answer: Usually out into the middle of nowhere. This year, we went to almost-Wisconsin.)

Plus I have a new stitch marker client: Just Yarnin’ in St. Germain, WI! I make these northwoods knitter markers exclusively for them so if you like them, give Kim and Nancy Anne a call. Be quick, too–I’m told that when they arrive, they sell out fast!

12033105_862790137173134_9068678854216098606_nI know this was super disjointed; I promise the high quality posts you’re used to starting again on Friday. Until then, friends, I am going to sleep. (Okay, I’m not really going to sleep until Friday. I kind of want to, though.)

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