WIP Wednesday: Op-Art Socks

My dear and wise husband gifted me with a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas and with it, I purchased Stephanie van der Linden’s Op-Art Socks. I love the crazy patterns and color play in this book! The optical illusions are so trippy and I’m actually excited to try several of them, in spite of never identifying as a sock knitter.

Flipping through it initially, I got a little giddy at page 84. Then I made the decision to  knit the most meta socks ever: Bridget socks using Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Bridget for me, Bridget. Take a moment to process that.

Mind blown yet?
Mind blown yet?

As it requires two colors, I’m also using Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock in Siren. The Djinni is a cashmere blend and feels so nice to knit. The pattern calls for 4 repeats of the chart for the cuff but I only did two; I can predict my patience for doing a second sock and I also don’t like having long cuffs. My calves are biggish, a residual effect from 10 years of playing soccer every summer. Without adding extra shaping to these and therefore monkeying with the color chart, there’s no way they would stretch to fit my shapely legs. Thus, short cuffs. I’m also not using two circulars for them; I’m using my beloved US 1 Knitter’s Pride Karbonz. The tips are so pointy and the nickel plating helps my stitches slide so easily from point to point but the carbon fiber needle stays so warm while I knit from them and they grip my stitches instead of sliding out.

I’m also fascinated by the afterthought heel (where the red line is in my picture), a technique I’ve never used before. I’ve done something similar with the Avery Mitts instead of doing a thumb gusset but since I’ve knit so few socks, this heel is new to me. I really like the way it looks.

My other thought: if I decide that I don’t want to make another one, I can use the same colors to knit a different pattern out of the book. Mismatched art socks!

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