WIP Wednesday: Ski-U-Mah Hat

I know, it’s been too long. But I’ve made myself a blog schedule and I’m going to stick to it. Three times a week, it’s DrawFour coming at you with knits and yarnlove. And boy, do I have a lot of both building up!

Today’s work in progress: the Ski-U-Mah Hat! I love hockey and I love my alma mater. These two things are not mutually exclusive from my love of knitting. I’ve done one of these and peer pressure for the pattern has got me casting on a second and working out the details of my process.


Thus far, everything is coming together nicely. Malabrigo Finito (first shearing lamb’s wool!) is such a pleasure to knit with–and I hear they’ve worked out their color saturation issues, which makes me very happy. Maybe, with a completed pattern, I can get StevenBe to order in some Jupiter and Glitter. If I lower myself to charting out Wisconsin’s W, maybe Cereza and Black, too.


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