Year in Numbers: 2015

43 books read (Totally pwned last year; my favorite reading moments involved discovering Rainbow Rowell and Patrick Rothfuss.)

56 knitting projects completed! (I actually listed everything as I finished it in the back of my planner instead of trying to remember it all at the end of the year. Very handy. Favorite FOs: the upcoming Rory Cowl, headed to TNNA with Jade Sapphire, the Chewbacca hat that I finished for my brother last night, and my Avengers Leftie.)

32 sewing projects complete (This is the first time I’ve tallied this so I have nothing to compare but I think it’s pretty damn good. I’ve got a lot of fabric to do and things for other people to catch up on this year. My favorite projects are my Marvel Study Hall Skirt, my Captain America Dress, and the quilt I made during the quilt retreat.)

1 hero met (I LOVE this particular statistic and how it keeps happening every year. I hope it continues. Thanks, John Green, for defending myself against myself in regards to the work I put into your socks. I hope they fit.)

3.5 patterns added to Ravelry (I’m behind on getting the actual Duality Gloves pattern up because I’m a terrible person or something. It’s been a year for cashmere and I have to be happy about that!)

11 years with the husband and all of them damn good

1 vacation taken (Thanks to my brother-in-law, we got to spend Christmas in Texas with my husband’s family. It was so good to see all his brothers and his sister again and their families as well. Plus, his mom and I hit up the Madtosh Crafts closing sale and made out like bandits. It’s nice to have someone else who appreciated that sale the way I did.)

2016 is going to be the year to get stuff done. I’m wrapping up projects I’ve been promising people for years (and if you’re one of those people, feel good that you’re not alone and that I’m this terrible with everyone). I finished the gloves my husband asked for last winter just this evening. I’m adulting like I’ve never adulted before. I’m eating salad for dinner. I’m changing this whiteboard calendar because it’s definitely not July anymore. I’m blogging on a more regular schedule (you’ve heard that one before). These aren’t resolutions. They’re just things that I’m going to do. Bring it on, 2016.

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