Year in Numbers: 2016

This is my 100th post, which I think is truly fitting for my year in numbers.

63 books read (This is 20 more than 2015 and I feel really good about that. Last year I fell in love with the fantasy works of Daniel José Older, Maureen Johnson, and Maggie Stiefvater.)

69 knitting projects completed (A bunch of those were for the StevenBe Inappropriate subscription, which finished its cycle this month. It was a great challenge to come up with something cool in a limited amount of time that would really show off the yarn. Other than that collection, Scotch & ‘Sota and Contrariwise have been my favorites.)

104 sewing projects finished (A lot of these were product for CONsole Room but I also did that wedding quilt and pillows for my friend and his wife and a couple of pretty awesome skirts.)

8 years of marriage and 12 years together with my dude and grateful for every one of them

1 hero met (I’m going to keep this one rolling every year, I swear–I met Patricia C. Wrede, author of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Mairelon the Magician, and Sorcery & Cecelia and therefore creator of some of my absolute favorite characters. She signed a book for me and I managed to mostly not make an idiot of myself.)

20 patterns published to Ravelry (Take THAT, 2015’s 3.5!)

1 crochet project completed (I actually started two of them last year but the only one I finished was the one commissioned by a friend–it was a recreation of a sweater his wife had as a child, sized for their daughter so he could recreate a photo. All involved were thrilled with the final picture, including me.)

4 instances of Making for Makers (I want to try and start this as a movement. In 2015, I made colorwork socks for John Green because he makes stories that I love. In 2016, I knit hats for the gentlemen of Jimmy Eat World because they continue to make music that I love. So basically, Making for Makers is all about using a creative skill you have to thank someone who makes you happy with their creative skill. I’m going to design some little cards for this project and do a more complete post next week with some more structure.)

2017 will have its own set of challenges but I’m going to do my best to always be moving forward. As the Inappropriate subscription patterns are released into the public, $3 from each will be donated to Planned Parenthood and I will keep you updated on how much we raise. Those donations will continue on past 2017 for as long as I’m selling patterns. And speaking of patterns, my first one of the year is now up on Ravelry! The Cimorene Hat, inspired by the best Chief Cook & Librarian the King of the Dragons ever had and knit in Up In Yarns Designs SW Merino DK colorway Enchanted Forest (because of course).

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