Year in Numbers: 2017

Guys, it’s been A Year.

38 books read (This is way fewer than last year and only beats 2014 in recent history. I’d be ashamed if I hadn’t also knit 7 sweaters, which is way more than I have ever knit. Ever. Highlights: Shadowhouse Fall by Daniel José Older and Electric Arches by Eve Ewing.)

41 knitting/crochet projects finished (This is also fewer than last year but I wasn’t racing every month to create something for a subscription and also, 7 sweaters. 7. Seven.  Favorite projects are pretty obvious and pictured below.)

Me with Chris Hardwick at Acme Comedy Co in Minneapolis.
Jonah Ray wearing a sweater that Chris (also pictured) commissioned.

32 sewing projects finished (Some of this was CONsole Room product but I made four MST3K ‘bot poodle skirts [which were stupid amounts of fun and I’ve got one more planned with Jaime of Mystery Scribble Theater 3000] and two dresses, one of which I hardcore modified. I’m feeling decent about my garment-making skills, especially since I know what I’d do better if I were making them for someone else [MOM].)


2 hair colors (I’ve gone blue and I may not go back.)

9 years of marriage and 13 lucky years with this guy who puts up with me every day and just now popped something inside my foot. Dude.

2 heroes met, new heroes made (Joel Hodgson of MST3K has been, since I was very young, like a sleepy and hilarious father figure. I got to meet him briefly at the meet & greet after the MST3K Live show and that, along with going full Oprah with hats for the cast, was like a weird piece of my life clicking into place. Chris Hardwick, a hard-working guy who makes his living doing what he loves, is one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and so much of the success of this past year is due to him amplifying the fun I’ve had. New heroes made? The new cast of MST3K, which brought back such a significant part of my childhood/young adult life in a way that really felt like home. They’re amazing.)

You guys are so wonderful.

4 patterns published on Ravelry (The InfiKnity Gauntlet sneaked in there at the last minute.)

8 instances of Making For Makers (7 hats for the MST3K cast and a pair of Walking Dead socks for Chris because of everything)

Kicking off 2018 in a big way with Hatty Happy Joy Joy and my new Patreon! Thanks for everyone’s support last year and I’m really looking forward to seeing what this year will bring.

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    March 28, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    Are you by any chance making any more of the awesome MST3K Sweater? One of my best friends want one so badly but I have no idea how to knit.


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