Year in Numbers: 2018

2018 was kind of a mess starting in January, which is why I wasn’t posting here. And this year’s numbers are weird.

38 books read, no real highlights because I only read things for distraction, things that didn’t require my emotional or mental investment. I’m really hoping to change that this year, so if you have any book recommendations, I’m here for them.

51 completed knitting projects, ten more than last year. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but my Cuphead sweater:

177 sewing projects, folks. That’s 145 more than last year (cue hysterical laughter) and most of those were Grab & Go Totes, either pin ones or SewMuchMoreStore collaboration ones. I did make myself this pretty rockin’ Kinga Forrester-inspired dress, though:

2 hair colors–I kept that dark blue going for a while but it fades so fast and I really don’t mind my gray hairs.

10 years of marriage and 14 years with Josh, my rock, the most supportive and understanding man I know. We were 1,000 miles apart when we met and I can’t believe how lucky I am that we were both willing and able to take a chance on each other.

17 patterns published, four for Jade Sapphire and six are nerdy in nature.

Countless fears faced in 2018 and I came out on top of all of them.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions but I have decided that 2019 is my year of action. This year, I’m grabbing on to experiences that present themselves to me, I’m taking better care of this meatsuit I have to ride around in, and I’m creating opportunities for myself. Thank you so much to all my Patreon patrons for sticking with me through a weird year.

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    July 16, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Hi thereIā€™m interested to your cuphed sweater, is the pattern available on Ravelry or other website? Hope to hear from you.

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